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11/28/09 Sports Betting Odds Demystified

Some have viewed sports betting with a certain amount of mystique. There are the "bookies" or bookmakers engaging in a daily battle against the "wise guys" and other professional sports bettors. Then, there are the "squares" or public bettors that are usually a welcome sight to the bookmakers. Ster... More

11/26/09 March Madness Betting

Arguably the most highly anticipated sporting event of the year, the annual NCAA basketball tournament has become a ritual of spring. The event begins with 64 teams vying for a shot at the national title. Over the course of just four days, the field is quickly reduced to the Sweet 16. A week later, ... More

11/24/09 Super Bowl Betting

While the initial Super Bowl in 1967 wasn't even a sellout at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the event would soon become the biggest single day sporting event in the United States. As the years have passed, the Super Bowl has grown to epic proportions. Millions will watch the game on television... More

11/22/09 How to Begin Sports Betting Online

The internet has opened the realm of possibilities for sports betting.?  However, there are several critical points to understand before you begin sports betting online. ? Learn about how to evaluate these factors before you place your first sports bet online. Understanding sports betting regulatio... More

11/20/09 The Science of Sports Betting

Sports betting is simple, yet complex. ? At its rudimentary core, you either win or lose.?  However, there is indeed a certain science involved in the process of predicting a future sports outcome. There are many variables involved which can prove to be vital in whether or not a bet will ultimately... More

11/16/09 How to Read and Understand the Point Spread

It is important to understand how a point spread is determined for a particular game or event. The ability to deconstruct how a point spread is formulated can give the sports bettor an advantage in handicapping a game. While the bookmaker is the supposed enemy of the sports gambler, the bettor shoul... More

11/14/09 The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Any sports fan who wants to become serious about sports betting must develop a game plan, and there are several facets that you must consider. Here's a look at the key elements to creating a profitable sports betting game plan. Money management It is critical to have a set bankroll with which to w... More
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