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Sports Betting Angle: First quarter betting

02/05/10 7:43 PM

While most bettors will focus on betting the point spread of an entire game, there are other opportunities for players to take advantage of in a particular game. First half and halftime bets are fairly popular but there are also some occasional opportunities for the player to wager on each quarter of a football or basketball game. For this article, the focus will be on first quarter betting for pro/college football and the NBA. Football Many sports books will offer first quarter betting on a handful of NFL and college football games. Sports books will usually offer first quarter wagering on any NFL prime time game and a solid amount of the Sunday afternoon contests. It is a little more difficult to find first quarter wagering on college games but there are usually a few marquee games that will feature these odds. One angle that can be used in handicapping a first quarter line involves a big favorite. In college football, there are usually some games that will involve double-digit favorites. In these kind of games, the big favorite may not have their best players in the game in the second half. With a first quarter wager, the bettor knows that the favorite will have its best players on the field in the first fifteen minutes of the game. Also, the first quarter begins with no real advantage for either team. In a second quarter or fourth quarter bet, a team may have the ball at the opponent's one-yard line to begin the quarter. This can lead to some random outcomes. First quarter results can also be studied after a few games to find some other angles on NFL and college teams. First quarter over/unders can also be wagered on effectively. NBA The NBA provides another opportunity to use first quarter betting. Again, there will be a handful of games that will feature first quarter betting at most sports books. Like football, there are situations where a big favorite may not play its best players too much in the second half with a big lead. The bettor knows that the starters will be on the floor for the majority of the first quarter in an NBA game. There are also trends that can develop with clubs based on the data of many games through the season. Totals can provide an angle in the first quarter as well.

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