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12/16/11 12 Sexiest Female Athletes of 2011

Girls and Sports - Boys and Sports are two areas in the coordinate system which generally have a similar rating. Although, of course, watching the tournament on the women's struggle in the mud and ice hockey championship for men are two completely different categories of fun.

The requirements for female athletes are usually the same as for the other girls, on which men's magazines choose among them the heroines for their erotic photo shoots. Often due to lack of these same characters to fill the number of content known to all, the glossy men's magazines publish photographs of nearly all young female athletes. FURFUR did the same in this article and chose twelve truly pleasing girls among the stars of their sports.

Alana Blanchard | Surfing


Alana is one of the sexiest female athletes of the world, which is not surprising given that the uniform of her, unlike other athletes, is a bikini. A young American woman not only seduces the Hawaiian surfers on the beach but is really good on the board, which can ...More

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05/06/12 8 Reasons Not to Get Excited About the Olympics

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04/26/12 The 10 Greatest Boxers

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